Managed servers

We primary offer managed services - dedicated servers with full attention from our administrators.
Available are also dedicated servers, serverhousing, vps and so on... But we specialize in "all inclusive" services.

DMCA hosting managed server includes many hosting services:

  • dedicated hardware only for your use (not a shared server)
  • 24x7 support and monitoring by our specialized team
  • backup of stored data to a secondary location
  • the best possible network connectivity; all servers are placed in air-conditioned datacenter
  • cooperation in solving legal problems, related to the services we provide

We are aware of the fact that each client has a different requirements - we operate clients who have only one server, and we operate clients with 20 servers in balanced cluster as well. It's very hard to affect us with DMCA abuse, which makes us sort of a bulletproof hosting.

We also offer the possibility to pay throught "fully anonymized" payment systems - we accept payments in bitcoin, cash (EUR/USD/RUB) and Western Union.

Moneybookers/PayPal/Wire Transfer are acceptable too.

Please contact us, we will prepare an individual offer for you!