DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) is a restrictive U.S. copyright law, used for preventing further distribution of copyrighted content. This law declares that the responsibility, for controling whether or not some website uses protected content, is transferred to a provider of hosting services.

Most of the hosting providers are concerned about possible restrictions to their own services and they take DMCA abuse very seriously. So hosting provider terminates the services provided to the client - and this results in a websites which are suddenly inaccessible.

We specialize in hosting projects with specific requirements and various problems - abuses, dmca reports, etc.
We are very tolerant regarding these abuses, we communicate with our clients about actual problems (technical/law), we help them to find a proper solutions to their problems, and we always stand on a client's side.

We don't ignore the law and we are not a DMCA ignored hosting. We are just not afraid to use all of our legal rights and options we possess.

And we are probably the only hosting company that employs a lawyer in our "inhouse" team :)